my kind of love story

Cover of "Bite Me: A Love Story"

Cover of Bite Me: A Love Story

I finished listening to the audiobook of Bite Me: a love story in bed this morning, as I was waiting for my alarm to go off and the day to start. Having something good to listen to sure makes early-morning insomnia easier to bear!

Bite Me is the sequel to the vampire comedies Bloodsucking Fiends and You Suck: a love story, and it also features characters from another Christopher Moore book, A Dirty Job. (Personally, I love that kind of intertextuality, it kind of feels like finding hidden treasure to hear familiar names in a different context. But that could just be me.) It also features vampire kitties, Abby Normal (a goth teen/drama queen/self-proclaimed emergency back up mistress of the greater Bay Area night), a science nerd named Steve (but mostly called Foo Dog), mangled teen-age French, and a romance that’s funny, not sappy, and halfway realistic (well, except for the whole vampire thing). What’s not to like?


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