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List of The Big Bang Theory episodes (season 2)

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I’ve been watching quite some episodes of The Big Bang Theory lately, especially in the weeks my mom has been in the hospital. I’ve found there’s always time for 20 minutes of fun, clean humor involving four science nerds and a good-looking girl next door. It airs at 8PM on Dutch tv these days, and I somehow manage to see most of the episodes. (Which tells you I need to get out more.)

The first time I saw the show was on a plane, somewhere above the ocean. You know how some planes offer you your own small screen with a selection of movies and tv shows? I tend to skip the movies and watch a lot of the shows, because they require a much shorter attention span and I am too neurotic to sit back and relax on a plane. I don’t mind flying, not really, but I am not good at sitting still for 8 a 10 hours surrounded by too many people. 30 minute shows break those hours up into shorter, manageable periods of time, somehow. Another show I found this way was The Middle, which now airs on ComedyCentral, much to my delight.

Anyway, what makes this show so great is the cast of characters. Penny waitresses at the Cheesecake Factory and is constantly baffled by the cultural divide that separates her from the Caltech nerds next door, Leonard and Sheldon. Sheldon is a bit..special…and he constantly drives the others up the wall with all his rules and regulations (including a Roommate Agreement that governs everything from females sleeping over (advance notice is required) to the setting of the thermostat (22 degrees Celsius in the winter). Leonard is just a nice nerdy guy with a crush on Penny, and his friend Wolowitz is ridiculous (his outfits make my eyes hurt). The last major character is Raj, from India, who mainly serves to round out the group, add some foreign humor, and fuel Wolowitz’s obsession with getting laid.

The Big Bang Theory is funny, filled with science that flies right over my head, and is exactly geeky enough to make it great, without alienating all the non-science nerds out there (of which I am one. Letters, yes. Numbers, no.) Again, what’s not to like?


2 thoughts on “what i’m watching

  1. Gina says:

    This show is so awesome! We have all the dvd sets, so if you missed an episode, come on over 😉
    Funny thing is, when they talk about science fiction stuff and comics, I sometimes actually know what they’re talking about! Nerd-time! ;D

    • Saskia says:

      Exactly, that’s what I like too. the hard-core science is way too much for me, but sci-fi and comics I can do. I take it you know the nerd web comic xkcd? A lot of their stuff is pretty recognizable too.

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