Welcome to Jordan

You know how they say that people in the Middle East are really friendly? Not suprisingly, it’s true. Strangers on the street, people in stores, hotel employees, everyone goes way beyond the call of duty. Today, we went into a tiny bakery to buy bread for our picnic lunch, and they wouldn’t accept our dinars! We got three big, delicious flatbreads, still warm from the oven, to carry back to the car. So nice.

And wherever we go, we are told “welcome to Jordan!” by people that actually mean it. Big smiles and shukrans (thank you on Arabic) all around.

Awesome, just awesome.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Jordan

  1. Mirjam says:

    sounds good! And a bit like Kenya, everyone is welcoming us too, but nothing goes for free here… Too bad people are quite ‘spoiled’ by all the aid they received from western countries, and now their line of thinking is: where there’s a white person, there is money’….

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