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The birthday countdown has begun: one week before I turn 24. And the big question is: what kind of cake am I going to make? There are so many good cakes out there that this year, I’d like to make two or three small ones instead of one big one. The cake from Matilda has been one of my favorites for years, and it might make an appearance; also being considered is a classic carrot cake. I’d love to do a pumpkin pie, but it just doesn’t exude that birthday vibe I’m looking for. I’d also like to do lots of  different cupcakes, but that  involves too many ingredients for it to be financially feasible right now.

And so the third cake eludes me. A terrible thing for a baker like me, and the reason I need your help. Tell me, what’s your favorite cake? Does it have childhood memories attached to it, or is it just so good you make it year after year? What would you want to eat if you were to come over to help me celebrate my birthday? I’ll save an extra big slice for whoever points me towards the winning recipe…


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