a tad insensitive, perhaps

In looking up food-themed racial and ethnic insults (don’t ask), I came across the following name for the French:

cheese eating surrender monkeys

According to Wikipedia, this has to do with “the perceived proclivity of the French to surrender” and, of course, all the cheese they make.

This has got to be my favorite insult ever, and I really wonder how that came into being. Whoever thought to string these words together? And, more importantly, could you imagine having this thrown at you in an argument? I think I’d laugh from the pure ridiculousness of it all. (Then again, insults like “kraut” or “spaghetti bender” wouldn’t faze me either, probably because I like food so much. I’d probably start thinking about dinner.) Maybe I should shout this at B. next time we argue, see what happens…

More insults can be found here. (The Dutch “kaaskop” (“cheese-head”) didn’t make it onto the list. Too bad.)


One thought on “a tad insensitive, perhaps

  1. renxkyoko says:

    I was flabbergasted to see some words there that are considered derogatory.n I’ve used one or two ignorant of the origin of the words. I’m a Filipino myself and I’m aware we are called Flips.

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