Remember the post in which I sung the praises of the bittersweet chocolate and pear cake that came from Smitten Kitchen? Well, I had another such experience this weekend. Only it wasn’t Smitten Kitchen this time, but Lottie + Doof that made my day. Because I can now make bagels. Go check out the link, if only for the photos. (My kitchen is not well-suited for food photography, and I can’t repost theirs because of copyright concerns. One more thing to dream for in my hypothetical house – a light and airy kitchen!)


Noah's Bagels in Berkeley. I used to lament the lack of bagel stores here in the Netherlands, but now I'm fine, as I can make them myself. Life is good and so is being self-sufficient.

It’s really not hard at all. The dough only needs ten or fifteen minutes of kneading all in – I did it all by hand and it was magical to see the dough transform. The only downside is that you need to be able to think ahead – making bagels requires a lot of small steps and a lot of proofing in between. So I’d recommend doing this if you’re going to be around the house anyway, not trying to cram this in on a busy Saturday night.

While I was making them, I kept calling B. into the kitchen to show him my dough, so surprised that the dough looked like real dough, the shaped bagels looked like real bagels, and that the baked bagels had even browned nicely on the bottom. He now calls me a bagelista. (I think it’s a kind of bagel-themed barista, but I’m not sure. It sounds good, though.) We ate them with scrambled eggs and strawberries, and they were delightful.

And I now need one of those big pots to make soup in. Only I don’t want to make soup, I want it to boil bagels in. So much more fun.


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