josh ritter in concert, again

Last Friday night, my sister and I went to see Josh Ritter again. He was playing at Doornroosje, a five-minute walk from my house, so that was obviously too good to pass up.

Add dates and venues and you've pretty much got the concert poster. Are you curious to the reason behind the mummy hand? Go look up "The Curse" on YouTube. I'll wait.

When we got there, people were already lining up outside. We saw many nerdy types, as we’d anticipated – his nerdiness is part of the attraction – but also more older types than we’d have thought. And many, many tall people, as would be apparent once the concert was underway. For the three millionth time, we realized we were short, and since we weren’t assertive enough to elbow ourselves to the front where we could actually see the stage, we peeked between heads and managed to position ourselves just so that we could actually see Josh singing, and occasionally other band members as well..but it couldn’t detract from all the fun we were having. Plus, with all the jumping Josh was doing on stage, we saw enough of him to last us through the night.

It was a different concert than last time: less stories and more music. And although I loved his stage presence last time, I also really enjoyed listening to so many songs in the presence of other people really excited to be there. Luckily, though, he did do wolf howls while singing “Wolves”. I don’t think I could have properly enjoyed that song without the howls halfway through. Oh, and for his encore, he sang this, trying not to laugh at the juicier was perfect.

In between the fast songs that got your heart racing and feet moving, he played some of his intelligent, softer songs. That was wonderful, as one of the reasons I love Josh Ritter’s music is because of the lyrics. He has a book coming out, and that doesn’t surprise me in the least – each of his songs is a complete story set to music. I can’t wait to read it – and to see him perform next time he comes here. It really was an exceptional night.

Oh, and did I mention that the Idaho state flag was present once again? This time accompanied by a California flag. My sister and I felt totally at home, as I’m sure you’ll understand.


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