breakfast buttercups

My successful bagel experiment gave me the courage to try out something else I’d seen on the web: breakfast buttercups. (The recipe is originally from a food magazine, but I saw it on The Bitten Word. You should go check out their website.)

Basically, you fill a muffin tin with bread, cheese (and ham if you so desire), and egg, then pop it in the oven till it’s done. Sounds simple, right?

It is. And it’s delicious. Look:

They’re perfect for a leisurely breakfast or a brunch – and who doesn’t love lounging around in their pajamas*, watching tv or talking, and eating good food? I ate them with my sister the morning after the Josh Ritter concert we so thoroughly enjoyed, and we paired them with oranges and a cup of macadamia nut&chocolate-flavored coffee I had brought back from my trip to Jordan. It was wonderful. You should go make them and then come back and tell me if you enjoyed them as much as I did.

*you know who doesn’t? B. Whenever we do brunch, he likes to get dressed first. I feel like a slob sitting in my pajamas next to him on the couch when he’s clean and dressed and shaven, so I’ll get dressed too. I hope to someday introduce him to the wonderfulness that is spending an entire day in pajamas, but that’ll probably never happen…that guy is nothing if not consistent.


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