it’s how you play the game, or something

Whenever I come back from a grueling run, I wonder why I persist in putting on my running shoes twice a week and going out to slowly kill myself in the presence of strangers.* But then I saw this, and I remembered why.

original here.

I’ll have to keep that in mind when I run the Marikenloop in a month and end up somewhere in the bottom half. At least I’m out there doing it, even if everyone and their grandma is faster than I am..

*People on the street will sometimes encourage me, although these are mostly ethnic strangers. I love it when they cheer me on. Dutch passersby will usually look at me with a half-concealed smile since I’m so obviously having to work really hard to just keep going as slowly as I am. I always hope they’ll think I’ve already done 10 miles and that’s why I’m exhausted, but what’s the chance of that?


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