on egg whites and peach pies

This Easter shall go down as the Easter of Pies. (If you expected something religiously themed from me, you’re out of luck. Holidays are all about food in my family.)

This Easter, I learned that it is not a very good idea to make a cheesecake the morning of a family gathering, even if the cheesecake is a Jamie Oliver recipe and therefore reliably foolproof. (Except when it isn’t, obviously.) Because it might just happen that your egg white meringue collapses and won’t get up again, and you’ll be reduced to frustrated tears because you don’t even really like lime cheesecake and you’ve been in the kitchen for three hours and now you’re going to be late and you hate being late and you don’t have a meringue to put on top and did I mention you don’t really like cheesecake in the first place and only promised to make it because other people do?

Oh, and you still have another pie to make for the day after. That was the kicker.

Luckily, I had chosen not another cheesecake for Monday’s family dinner, but a winter peach pie from the Joy of Cooking, which, except for some trouble with the lattice top, went off beautifully and tasted pretty good. What a difference with the day before – just the joy of baking, no swear words. Much better.

This is the offending cheesecake. Which looks pretty good without the meringue topping, if I may say so myself.

And for the record, I’ll take Jamie’s advice on anything. The problem wasn’t the recipe, but the fact that this cheesecake resembled a key lime pie. I have a real problem with key lime pies and have banned them from my kitchen. Jamie just caught me unaware – I only realized half way through the recipe that this cheesecake resembled that Pie of Doom. Serves me right for not properly reading the recipe beforehand.

And next time people ask me to bring a cheesecake, I’m bringing this one. It’s pure heaven, and so much more in keeping with the joy of Easter than assorted Pies of Doom. (I’m pretty sure B. is thankful for this last resolution. Consoling me is probably not his idea of a good time, even if he is really good at it, probably because he gets to practice so often. Lucky him, right?)


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