poem of the month – the june edition

What, another love poem as poem of the month? Why, yes.

A friend once called me out when I claimed not to be a romantic at heart. He was right – I am. As long as that romance doesn’t involve red roses and too much wine (give me brightly colored gerber daisies and a good apple cider any day!) But yes, I, like half the world, am hopelessly romantic at heart. And I am very much enjoying being in love again, in case you couldn’t tell. To celebrate that love (B. and I marked our one-year anniversary yesterday), I picked out the following poem written by Margaret Atwood.

(The photo is courtesy of Locus Communis. Go check out her Tumblr.)

I don’t want to get too sentimental here, but let’s just say I am incredibly happy B. and I took a chance and got together. There were enough reasons not to, like the scars from the incredibly bad five-year relationship I had been in before, or the sixteen-year age gap between us. But we decided to go slow, at our own pace, and it worked. One year in, B. still surprises me, and I think I still surprise him. It hasn’t been all good – no relationship is – but I think we’ve made each other increasingly happy this past year, and I hope the good always outweighs the bad.

So here’s to you, B., and to us, that we may enjoy many more years grocery shopping and cooking and watching tv and running and eating, especially eating, together.


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