summer break, much?

Wow, fifteen days without a post from me, that’s…not so good.

Yes, I am alive and well and even thinking up blog posts from time to time. I just never take the time to polish them and make them fit for publication. I’ve been busy – working, doing a freelance gig on the side, going to the gym, amassing hours in a car so I can take my driver’s exam and hopefully get my license on the first try, spending time with friends and family and B…not much time for blogging.

Most of all, I’ve been getting used to the fact that this is my last summer where I live now. Come October, I’ll be moving to Dortmund, to start my PhD. It’s ‘only’  a part-time move (I’ll be spending most weekends here, with B., traveling back and forth each week) but it’s still got me busy, mentally.

All of which is to say, I’ll be back. (Cue Terminator accent here. Am I the only one who hasn’t seen the movie but is reminded of the line anyway?)


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