i heart ikea

Right now, I’m trying to convince B. to let me buy this new upholstery for the couch in our hypothetical house. It’s not going very well, just so you know.

What do you guys think: magnificent or monstrous? Would you dare to sit on such a thing or would you do a double-take upon entering the living room and never recover? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments!


4 thoughts on “i heart ikea

    • Saskia says:

      yeah, you’re probably right..but I still adore it. Still waiting on the hypothetical house, probably a good thing because if it turns out not to be hypothetical I will have to stop using the phrase hypothetical house which I do love so. On the bright side, you would come to stay more often, so it’s a toss-up.

    • Saskia says:

      Yay, someone who thinks as I do! The problem is that we don’t really know what the rest will look like, I have some furniture, B. has some furniture but it’s kind of hard to merge our stuff together in my mind and get a real picture.

      The upholstery probably won’t make it, but oh well. IKEA will come along and make something else I’ll lose my heart to, and all will be well 🙂

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