on copying down recipes

I was leafing through my Moleskine recipe book the other day when I noticed my recipes are all written in half-English, half-Dutch. Apparently, when I copy out recipes from (mainly American) websites, I substitute a different language every now and then. It’s usually when it concerns an ingredient I became familiar with in one country, versus the other (so I’d never write zoete aardappel, it’s sweet potato all the way) or something very common (I don’t think I even see the difference until I’ve finished between tomatoes en tomaten, or ui and onions). Oh, and cooking techniques are also not safe from contamination. If I’m really not paying attention, I’ll cook the one thing, and bak the other.

Next to being highly amusing (to me, anyway), it’s also another bit of proof that I continuously think in two languages. I can imagine archeologists digging up my Moleskine in a century or two (I’m counting on the durability of the Moleskine brand, what else am I paying so much for?) and deducing from it that a whole new hybrid language had developed (probably a side-effect of globalization. Everything is, these days.) That too, amuses me.

Hey, whatever floats my boat, right?


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