why it’s so much fun to date me

This weekend, I entertained B. with tidbits about Mormon culture, alternated with impromtu bits from the musical The Book of Mormon (“I Believe” feels especially good to belt out). I’ve been immersing myself in all things Mormon, in preparation for the start of my PhD project focusing on expressions of Mormon history (more about that another time, really!). Now, B. likes religion as much as the next atheist, but he absolutely hates musicals. So you can see how much fun he must have had this weekend, when every other comment from him made me go, “Did you know that Mormons…” and I pretty much sang my way through the entire day.

(To be fair, I did offer to switch to the Buffy soundtrack from the musical episode to protect him from a Mormon overload, but since he just looked at me after I said that, I took it as a no.)


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