new york, part one

So New York was awesome. Highlights include a baseball game in the new Yankee stadium, a visit to the MOMA, the Met, and the Guggenheim, a circle line harbor cruise, the dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History (hello, decor for Night at the Museum), cupcakes in Central Park, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the JP Morgan Library (seriously, how awesome is it that they have a poem Abraham Lincoln wrote about a bear hunt, a piece of music Mozart wrote when he was five, and a letter from J.D. Salinger’s trip to Belgium and the Netherlands (he had seen enough “fucking tulips” to last him a lifetime)?), a trip to the Mormon temple in Manhattan (which of course I couldn’t really enter but it was still very interesting to look around the parts I could be in since the temple is so central to LDS religion), and, of course, a visit to Strand. I could move to New York for that bookstore alone. It’s hard to say what was more fun, and I’ll make sure to blog about the week later on! For now, a couple of pictures.

I made my dad and sister do the corny picture thing with me on our way to the Top of the Rock.

we had to climb and climb and climb to get to our seats, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Even if I was rooting for the Yankees, something I'd sworn I'd never do.

in Central Park. One of the good things about travelling with my sister is that she makes me pose for pictures, something I hate at the time but once the pictures turn out half-way decent is pretty fun.

And, of course, I brought Dino. You can't see it very well, but he enjoyed himself on the top of the Rockefeller by pretending to be Godzilla.

Like I said, a lot of fun.


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