moving blues

Those people that live in the same house for 30 years? I am not one of them. Which is a shame, because I really have too much stuff to be moving around as often as I do. I have approximately five million boxes (way more than B. does, in any case) and all of them are half filled with books and half filled with other crap. Turns out I have a lot of both.

although I have labeled all my boxes, most of the labels read ‘books’. Which is about as helpful as you’d imagine.

Maybe next time I move (well, the time after that, because I will hopefully find a house in Dortmund soon and move some of my stuff there. You can hear B. sigh with relief now, can’t you?) I can be a high-powered career woman and hire people to move me – at the company’s expense, of course. Or I can, again, spend weeks sneezing myself to death (thanks, allergies!)  and wishing I was less of a packrat. Probably the latter. Oh well. Live and don’t learn, is apparently my motto when it comes to these things.


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