all about the visuals

After New York

so much good food! Here, a black bean hummus and avocado sandwich enjoyed on the first day
the musical the whole trip started with. It will not only get its own blog post, but probably make it into my dissertation as well.
we ate at this restaurant right before I spent a very happy hour-and-a-half at Strand Bookstore. Dumplings and books, what more can a girl want?

came Lyon


and another candle lit in another church worldwide
subway rides. I love cities with subways.

(Not my pictures. I wish!)

Then the move.

(Sorry, no pictures of that. It wasn’t always pretty.)

Then my first days in Dortmund. (I now dislike dorm rooms in hostels, by the way.)

the Dortmund flag has an eagle on it, but you see rhinos with wings all over the city. I’m trying to find a rhino ornament for my contribution to the Christmas tree this year.

Now I’m back home and while we have a million things to do here, I’m focusing on just breathing and sleeping a bit and trying to keep my neurotic personality within acceptable limits. Oh, and picking out curtains. I feel very grown-up right now, not only do I own a washing machine, I’m picking out curtains! (Buying my first ever garbage can is a milestone as well, but just not as appealing, I have to say. Have you ever had one of those gosh-I-guess-I’m-no-longer-a-kid moments or is that just me?)


(Thanks, Pinterest!)


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