right now in bullet points

  • My mom was back in the hospital for surgery this week, this time less serious than before, luckily. So my sister and I hung out at her house, studying in the morning and visiting her in the afternoon. My dad was here this weekend as well, which meant we were served ice cream. Also, my mom has ESPN, so he spent most of the weekend indulging in American football. Every once in a while, I would have to look around me and remind myself that we weren’t in California but truly in the Netherlands, even with the football commentary in the background. Weird.
  • Sunday night is NCIS:LA night, wherever I am. I forced my dad and sister to watch it with me, which meant I had to endure pointed comments about implausible plot lines. Suspension of disbelief people, it really is a wonderful thing!
  • I can strike “grill a steak” from my culinary bucket list. On Sunday, my sister and I made cornbread, this salad, and steak. I had never grilled steak before, so I was slightly nervous about ruining them, but it was fun and they ended up pretty perfectly medium-rare, so that was good.
  • My back is much better. Although I am taking the precaution of temporarily abandoning my big beloved backpack and taking a small rolling suitcase with me back home. Being pain free cannot be overrated. Although it is good for your time management skills to have to monitor your intake of pain meds since you’re always aware of the clock.
  • I am supremely grateful that we were allowed to bring my mom home from the hospital today. She is still weak and generally woozy but it’s so much better to have her weak and woozy at home than in a hospital environment! As the nurses said, we hope not to see you again (this was her fourth stay). Amen to that!

3 thoughts on “right now in bullet points

  1. Saskia says:

    I stand corrected! I tend to lump the December and January stays together in my mind. And yes, we need to make more cornbread till we get it right. Till everyone around us groans when we announce dinner…

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