in case we have a white christmas

Anyone who is familiar with Calvin and Hobbes will remember the many, many times that snowmen play a role in the panels.

From this..

to this…

to this…

to this.

Quite the variety, I’d say.

I think Calvin and Hobbes was the reason I was so excited for snow when we moved to the Netherlands. However much I was not looking forward to that move, at least I had been promised mountains of snow to play in every winter. (As I was ten, I hadn’t realized the trade-off was far less sunny days and lots of grey skies and rain). Of course, for the first couple of years it barely snowed enough (in fact, there hasn’t been an Elfstedentocht in the time we’ve lived here, the last one having been held in the winter of 1997, about six months before we made the transatlantic trek). But still, every time it does snow I spend a couple minutes being enchanted by how pretty it is and wondering if I can build a deranged mutant killer monster snow goon, just like Calvin.

all comics belong to Bill Watterson, of course.


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