christmas cheer

You know why Christmas is always interesting in my family? Because we mostly use public transportation to get everywhere. (What, you thought some cool family traditions or perhaps an out-there church service or maybe even really hip food on the table? No, sorry.)

I take a lot of public transportations, mostly in the way of trains. So I also experience a lot of delays, as that’s how it works. This week alone I went up to Groningen, from Groningen to Dortmund, back from Dortmund to Nijmegen, and today from Nijmegen to Leiden. The ride up to Groningen went fine, but I managed a two-hour delay on the second trip, a train that completely quit on us fifteen minutes before the Dutch border on the third trip (necessitating a cab ride to aforementioned border so we could catch the train from there) and, just now, a train that kept starting and stopping and finally had us change into the next one up (they run every half-hour). So, that was fun.

It also bodes well for the coming days, as tomorrow we’ll be going from Leiden (dad) to Groningen (mom), then Sunday back to Nijmegen, then Monday to Wageningen (B.’s mom) and back to Nijmegen. And then we’re staying home for a while.

Luckily B. and I are patient train-travelers, and we like to people watch on those occasions that it all goes wrong. Some mutter to themselves, angrily, most go call their significant others that they’ll be late, and sometimes, when it’s really bad, the passengers will all band together and you’d almost fear mutiny. Good times.

Christmas tree at Groningen Central Station
Image via Wikipedia

In any case, I wish you all a very merry Christmas! (Alas, I have not made one of those Christmas cards with a smiling B. and me on the cover. Perhaps next year…although, since B. positively abhors that kind of thing, perhaps not. We will have to see.) I hope your Christmas brings you lots of good food, rest, and family, perhaps not in that order.


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