even more holiday cheer

So I hope you already know this, but right after Christmas is a very good time to go grocery shopping, if you’re like us and on a tight budget but like eating well. Yesterday, we made the long bike trek to the Albert Heijn on the other side of town and cashed in on all the lovely discounted products. When we got home, the poor fridge had to endure being stuffed to the gills, and we’re looking forward to some good eating: lobster, rabbit, salmon, turkey, scallops (marinated two ways), chocolate raspberry pies, and some sushi, which became our lunch before we biked back home.

We’re eating the turkey tonight, with some leftover brussels sprouts. It’s the rabbit’s turn on Sunday, as we’re making rabbit and leek pie from Jamie Oliver’s Great Britain cookbook (my mom’s Christmas present to me). After that, who knows? The possibilities are endless. I did make B. promise not to eat any of the good stuff without me, as I head back to Germany on Monday. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes, opening the fridge every night and seeing all the good food you can’t touch would not put me in a good mood. It’s a good thing B. has been blessed with a whole lot more patience than I have or I might come home to an empty fridge.


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