sometimes (part two)

Following Young People in Love’s lead again today!

     I get weirdly excited about the amount of books I can get through interlibrary loan at the university.
     I felt overwhelmed with gratitude when people took the time to come up to me after my very first conference talk last weekend to tell me I’d done well.
     I can’t stop thinking about my dissertation. The conference last week made me really glad to be a PhD student.
     I just want to eat salted almonds all day, every day. 
     I am kinda a bad person and leave my stuff lying around everywhere even though I know it drives B. crazy.
     I wish I could dye my hair gorgeous, carrot-y red. I’ve always wanted to be a ginger.
     I just don’t understand the allure of wedges. Even TOMS wedges don’t look good to me.
     I can’t believe how close I am to teaching a class to undergrad students. I better figure out a lesson plan soon.

     I strongly consider spending a lot of money on an iPad. For research purposes. Really.


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