superbowl sunday

So, last week, I went to my very first Superbowl event. I know, how could I have never experienced the delight that is the Superbowl? (I’m obviously not talking about the football here. Even after watching my dad watch many many games, and even attending a 49’ers game way back when, I still have no clue what’s going on. Give me baseball any day, I can appreciate its intricacies in a heartbeat. But football? No. They play for like three seconds and then have to stop and start all over again and it takes forever. Sorry, all you football fans out there. I just don’t get it.)

No, what I loved about the Superbowl was the food, and the guys getting all technical in the living room and the girls congregating in the kitchen and the other room, occasionally wandering back to the game. Oh, and the Puppybowl. How could I not have known about the Puppybowl – and the Kitty Halftime Show? Sure, Madonna may have been more mystifying, especially with that guy slacklining, but nothing could beat a bunch of puppies running around and ‘scoring’ touchdowns while a human ref stands by to keep score. I mean, I don’t even really like animals and I thought this was awesome.

Any time you feel depressed this week, go to YouTube and look up the Puppybowl. I guarantee that will make your day – there were some seriously cute animals on the field last week.

Add a bit of nostalgia, as we went to the house of our old neighbors to watch (they still live in the neighborhood I grew up in) and you’ve got yourself a very good Sunday.


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