Indian Day

So, apparently we do theme days now, and Saturday was Indian day. We started off the day with a visit to the Asian Art Museum to catch the Maharaja exhibit, featuring both these traditional images:

and these re-imagined ones:

by Sanjay Patel

I loved Patel’s renderings of traditional Indian paintings, and I stood in the museum shop debating with myself whether I would buy his book, Ramahanja – Divine Loophole (a retelling of an old epic featuring demons and gods and a blue-skinned hero). I decided against it on grounds of cost, but must have picked it up and put it back at least twice before moving on.

Then, we went to Dosa for some South Indian food.

Every time we go eat Indian food, I resolve to learn how to make something besides the couple curries that are in my weekly rotations. This time was no exception. The food was good, the staff perhaps a little disappointed that we were sticking with water, but we’ll put that down to friendliness. All was good.

And then my dad took me to see Jesus in India, put on by the Magic Theater at Fort Mason, San Francisco. (My dad likes to encourage my religiosity by taking me to semi-irreligious things.) The premise is that Jesus spent at least part of his ‘lost years’ (you know, the time in the bible that isn’t documented, between his childhood and the beginnings of his ministry)  in India. Sounds interesting, no? In hindsight, I think I expected something like a cross between The Book of Mormon musical and Lamb by Christopher Moore. It wasn’t that. It was more intellectual than funny, mirroring the nativity story in a complicated interplay with contemporary elements, although there were some good laughs in there. And a lot of weed. It didn’t hit me till the drive home that, of course, weed is illegal in the States. Sorry, my liberal European heritage didn’t quite get the subversive message there.

All in all, a pretty good day. We should do theme days more often.


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