random thoughts on a Monday

– looking forward to my birthday on Thursday, mostly because of the cakes I then get to make.

– Saturday night at a party, the topic of Pinterest came up. Boy, did I feel relevant (and geeky) when I could not only claim membership and use but also explain what it was and how it differed from Facebook.

– B. and I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox last night. I kept pointing out where the movie differed from the book, but I love how it captured the spirit of the original.

– my mantra these days is “only three weeks till spring! only three weeks till spring!” I can’t wait for winter to be over. Biggest perk these days: no more winter means no more freezing to death on train platforms while I wait for those many delayed trains. How many more weeks?


3 thoughts on “random thoughts on a Monday

  1. Marieke says:

    The lemon-almondcake looks good! 🙂

    I can already feel and smell the spring. Winter is over since it isn’t freezing anymore.

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