I turned 25 yesterday. Amazingly, it didn’t rain. (It’s an old birthday tradition that it rains on March 1st, wherever I am. I’m not sure if I mind that it wasn’t upheld.)

I spent the morning making bagels and cakes:

phase one and two completed; phase three was in the oven at this point.

then had a friend over for lunch, my family over for dinner, and friends over for coffee and cake and other good stuff last night.

I don’t often really mark the occasion of my birthday, but I felt this year that I should, if only to gather all my favorite people together (people I haven’t been seeing as much since I’m out of the country for at least part of every week).

also, please imagine enough cash to pay for this year’s library card. I like how my friends sponsor my book habit.

And not just because they give me awesome presents. But, oh, they do.


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