may the odds be ever in your favor

I’m reading The Hunger Games again.

150 px

I usually take the train up on Monday morning to Dortmund, but since my Mondays are therefore unproductive, I decided to give leaving on Sunday a try. As an aside, Sunday night goodbyes are different than Monday morning goodbyes – on Mondays, both B. and I have somewhere to be and things to do so saying goodbye is quick and easy. On Sunday, I catch myself getting sad, which is ridiculous because I’ll be seeing him on Thursday again and since when can I not be on my own for four days?

Anyway, I studied my way through my first train, but then had to run so hard for the second that it took me a while to recover and stop being annoyed at my poor connection. My excellent study mood had evaporated, so I swapped Adventures of a Church Historian (which is way more riveting than you’d think) for a RadioWest podcast. Then I changed trains again, this time without incident, listened my podcast through to the end, and picked up my Kindle. And The Hunger Games. Because there is no better way to get through the last hour on a train than by reading The Hunger Games.

I’m in book two right now, and I should probably save the third one for the way back, as I’ve been having bad luck lately and keep missing my connections. Being stuck at a cold train station seems like a much better plan when you’ve got Mockingjay to keep you company. But I doubt I’ll make it; these books are just too good.


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