I listen to lot of podcasts. Mostly because I like words more than I like music, and also because I like to keep my thoughts occupied, so I’ll put on a podcast while cleaning or getting dressed or walking to the store. Because I’m probably not the only one that likes to stop the brain hamsters with spoken word, I though I’d share my favorites with you.

I’d have to start with This American Life. It is the podcast that got me into other podcasts, and I never skip a week. Some of them, like “81 words” or “Babysitting” or “Act V” I’ve heard time and time again. I love Ira Glass, I love all the other contributors, and I love the stories they come up with every week. American life at its best.

Savage Love – the sex advice column turned podcast. Couldn’t be more different from TAL, except for the human interest factor. I listen to this one, frankly, for its entertainment value and sex positivity factor. It also helps me keep up with the latest political issues and scandals. Also, I’m glad my life isn’t as complicated as those of the callers. (As an aside, a couple months ago, Ira Glass was on Savage Love. My two favorite podcasts came together and it was amazing.)

KUER RadioWest. This is a relatively late addition, but I love it. The host (Doug Fabrizio) is charming, smart, and knows how to field even the most random question from callers. They cover all kinds of issues, ranging from dessert to Jeff Warren to inquisitions. Also, it’s a daily podcast, so there’s always something interesting in my iTunes folder.

Slate’s Lexicon Valley. This one I adore for the nerdiness alone. They talk about grammar, and make nerdy jokes, and sound kind of uncomfortable on air. Awesome.

NPR’s Planet Money. I don’t like economics. I don’t understand money issues. I skip over the economics pages in the newspaper (also sports, by the way). But Planet Money gets me to care. They put together short shows explaining the workings of the economy, everything from the housing crisis to why taxi medaillons cost $1 million in New York City.

So this is what I do when I can’t read. How about you? What do you do when there’s nothing to keep your mind busy? Or do you revel in doing nothing? (And can you teach me how to do that?)


2 thoughts on “podcasts

  1. Donna says:

    Yay, podcasts! I’m in love with TAL. I don’t even know if I could name a favorite, but Switched at Birth, and The Super are definitely up there. I dream about working at TAL.

    I also love Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, which is another NPR show, and absolutely the best way to get the news (mostly American news) each week.
    And Mormon Stories is almost always fascinating.

    My husband loves RadioLab, and I just heard about Alec Baldwin’s new podcast called Here’s the Thing. I haven’t heard it yet, but I so wish I’d thought of that title.

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