why I am not a rebel

This afternoon, B. and I had gone shopping, and when it was time to take the train back home, I balked at buying another train ticket for him. I have a free pass for the Dortmund public transportation, and on weekdays after 7PM and all-day in the weekends, I can take someone with me. It was 6:50 PM and I refused to spend another 2.40 euro for those lousy ten minutes. It wasn’t very law-abiding of me, but hey, I was feeling rebellious.

And then I was reminded of why I don’t usually break the rules, as those were the longest ten minutes of my life and I kept looking around if the conductor was coming. And I almost had a heart attack when we got off and I realized two security guards had been sitting a couple seats over. They were giving two girls a ticket at that very moment for riding without the proper fare, and I thought, there but for the grace of God go I. (Well, technically, B., but still. And I’m pretty sure I was a bit less eloquent.)

Yet another reminder that I would never make it in the Hunger Games, let alone not give the rebellion away. (Yes, I am excited for The Hunger Games movie. Aren’t you?)


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