little things

– A friend invited me to a performance of the Matthaeus Passion/St Matthew’s Passion last Thursday. I had never been, although I am familiar with the music. I loved the choral pieces, I loved the recitatives, and I got through the soprano arias (not such a fan of high notes over here). It was long (from 7:30 PM to 11 PM, with one intermission) and my legs were cramping at the end (even my short legs needed more space!) but it was worth it.

– Apparently that friend and I need a lesson in how to assert yourself. We went down to the coat check after the performance, and then spent ages waiting to collect our coats. D. and I had the same strategy, namely to passively wait until they saw us, and you can imagine how helpful that was. I doubt we’ll ever learn – this has been my strategy as long as I can remember. In fact, it’s happened over and over in cafes that I’d catch the waiter’s eye, ask for the check, and then sit there waiting patiently while he did other stuff and forgot all about me. Oh well. That’s why I always carry a book with me wherever I go.

– On Saturday, I went to Amsterdam to see my sister play in the national rugby finals. They won, and it was amazing, even though it was cold and windy and I still don’t really understand the details of what was happening on the field. Of course, I took the dinosaur along, and he cheered with us. It’s probably why they won – who can resist the dinosaur?

The back says Team Elske, just to be clear where our allegiance lies.

Although it didn’t help the girl who was carried off the field within ten minutes of playing. Luckily not my sister.

– I actually went to church on Sunday, wholly voluntary – by which I mean no one offered the incentive that they would be there to talk with afterward and it wasn’t my turn for Sunday school duty. I feel like I should be offered bonus points for not just showing up, but also taking B. with me. (We recently struck a deal – he goes to church with me four times a year (Christmas and/or Easter included) and pretends to consider it when I ask for a fifth Sunday before saying no.) It was uplifting and good and I will concede the point that perhaps those of you that go every Sunday are on to something.


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