Every once in a while, B. and I take the train over to Arnhem and shop. Our shopping usually consists of going to one Asian food shop we particularly like, window shopping at clothing stores, and getting coffee somewhere (the most important part of the day, of course).

B. knows Arnhem a bit because he used to work there, so he usually takes the lead. And that is how we found ourselves at Tape last Saturday – an espresso bar turned cafe turned art gallery. It’s decorated in a 70s theme, the menu is pretty much organic all the way, and the coffee is single origin and often single estate. (I learned those terms last week, but don’t I sound like I know what I’m talking about?) Oh, and I’m pretty sure the girls with Macs at the counter were doing some kind of design work – it’s that kind of place.

Now, you have to know that these kinds of places make me nervous as I’m sure that I am so not hipster enough to be there. (I don’t think I have ever worn anything ironically in my life.) So I made B. order the coffee and ask for the wifi access code. And then I started to relax–the excellent latte helped.

Moral of the story? Bearded men in waistcoats and blue jeans make me nervous. But apparently they make really good baristas.


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