So I have finally fallen down the rabbit hole that is the Pinterest wedding page. This makes B. very nervous as he isn’t at all sure he wants to get married (just so you know, the issue isn’t with me, but marriage in general). So I usually browse those pages when he isn’t around, to avoid the deer-in-the-headlights look.

But the thing is that despite my previous disastrous engagement at age 19, I do want to get married. So our compromise is that whenever I ask him if he wants to marry me (I like to spring it on him, hoping he’ll slip up and say yes) he says, sure, someday. (It’s very clear that this someday is a long time away. This explains why my own wedding board on Pinterest is called “hypothetical weddings”.)

It shouldn’t surprise you that if/when we get married, we don’t want a traditional wedding. We’re not a traditional couple as the age difference alone will testify, and the fact that he is atypical is one of the things I love about B. And of course, although I never executed it, I have already planned a wedding – white dress, flowers, pictures, cheesy music, the whole nine yards. I definitely don’t want to do that again.

I guess it says a lot about the person that I’ve become that the dresses I like the most on Pinterest technically aren’t wedding dresses, but simple, colorful bridesmaids dresses. (My favorite involves green and blue polkadots.) In fact, the only thing I might want to incorporate from Pinterest are these.

Because food is what we do best.



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