penguin love

Isn’t this Penguin edition lovely? B. and I found two of them in a wonderful used bookstore here in Nijmegen and I’ve wanted to start collecting them ever since. (Space and money restrictions do a good job of limiting my enthusiasm, however.)

We found out early on that B. and I have a mutual interest in Agatha Christie – we both read pretty much all her books growing up and throughout our college days (although obviously not contemporaneously). These days, we watch the film versions together. Poirot, never quite my favorite, is really starting to grow on me.

My only disappointment is Poirot’s mustache. From all that reading about luxurious mustaches, I had expected them to protrude at least a couple more inches.

Luckily he does wear his patent-leather shoes faithfully on screen. At least that’s one less item on my list of “neurotic things to obsess about”.


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