smitten kitchen

I subscribe to about half a dozen cooking blogs, most of which I’d trust with my life. (Or my taste buds, if you want to be less dramatic about it.) But Smitten Kitchen takes the cake. Whenever I have any occasion to bake something, I head over there. Sometimes I fabricate occasions just so I can plan another delicious meal or treat. I’ve made her bittersweet chocolate and pear cake (I still have not gotten over how wonderful browned butter is), chocolate chip cookies, even potato knishes, and probably another dozen of her recipes.

So we’ve established that I am a fan. And so is my sister. We sometimes get carried away about the joys that come from reading the SK blog and I love seeing recipes pop up in her Facebook feed and knowing the source. So maybe this email yesterday shouldn’t have surprised me.

Can you guess where this is heading? You probably can when I tell you that the first-ever SK cookbook has just become available for pre-order. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until November to hold it in our hands, but I’m pretty sure it’s worth the wait.

Thanks, Elske. I can’t wait to delve into it with you and I really do think we should see if the rest of the family will let us cook an entire Christmas dinner from it. A Smitten Kitchen Christmas…well, a girl can dream, right?


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