highly scientific approach here

The other day it was my turn to do the dishes at work (=a mountain of coffee cups and the occasional fork). And like I do at home, I used the following utensil:

Then someone came in and said that reminded her of being abroad, because the Dutchies there would always use one of those brushes, while she (and apparently everyone else) would use a sponge.

So in the interest of science, I decided to do an informal poll. What do you use: brush or sponge? And add your country of origin (i.e. where you learned to do the dishes) in the comments so I can break it down and figure out who precisely is deviating from the norm here, me or my German colleagues.


3 thoughts on “highly scientific approach here

  1. heidikins says:

    I use Scotch Brite green scrubbers for most dishes and the yellow ones for anything made of glass because they won’t scratch it. I use SOS pads for pans for tricky, stuck-on bits, or to shine up the stainless steel/copper. I toss and replace all of the above every week or two (depending on the dish load) and bleach them regularly in-between replacements. I’m kind of anal about this, actually. I think sponges are gross.


  2. Donna says:

    1. Brush
    2. U.S.
    3. We do have a sponge around though for the awkward to clean with a brush things. But generally, they kind of make me feel gross.

  3. Mirjam Oudijk says:

    I use both… A brush for most things and the sponge for items that had on the instructions ‘clean with the soft side of a brush’… (like wok/frying pans) and for some other stuff as well.
    When moving in with an American lady in Zambia and seeing she only did the dishes with a cloth (I still don’t understand how you can do the dishes with that) one of the first things I did was buying a brush. By the way, I’ve seen people in the UK using a cloth too.
    I’m Dutch.

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