randoms on a Monday

– there are certain words I can’t use without remembering where I first heard them. One of them is “ineffable”. I must have heard it in the audioversion of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens about a million times by now (the angel Aziraphale is very fond of the word ineffable and I am very fond of Good Omens) before encountering it in print somewhere else. So now I read it in his voice.

– when I count the episodes of the Big Bang Theory, and realize that we’ve seen most of them at least twice or more likely three or four times, that’s a whole lot of time B. and I have spent on that particular show. In related news, I thought the Google earth wedding was the most romantic thing ever. And I would like a Big Bang wedding myself. Or or at the very least a wedding featuring the Muppet song, “Life’s a happy song.” (B. is vetoing both, you might be relieved to know.)

– on a related note, this seems like an apt print for B. and me, considering how it was a conversation about blogs that made me think I could love this man.

– also on a related note, when trying to find the source for the print on Pinterest, I stumbled onto a Shamy fan forum. Wow, those guys are…intense. I had to click away after a few minutes, and that’s coming from someone who could watch Leonard and Penny all day.


3 thoughts on “randoms on a Monday

  1. Jo(ke) says:

    I love The Big Bang Theory but I really hate that they made Amy a fixed character on the show and I hate it even more that they put in these lesbian tendencies for Penny. It’s really pathetic of the writers of this show. Other than that I enjoy it!

    • Saskia says:

      I love Amy and the Amy-Sheldon connection. I think the bisexual jokes are usually a cheap shot by the writers, but I’m not bothered by it in the least..Howard’s sleeziness in the first seasons did creep me out sometimes, it was so over the top!

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