Last Friday, my mom and I traveled to York, to visit my little sister on her semester abroad. (Actually, it’s Elske’s third semester abroad, but since the other two were in Kenya and South Africa, respectively, this was the first time we made it over to where she was.)

Elske has a British (English? Gaah, what was the politically correct term again?) boyfriend, Dave, and he just got a job at a posh boarding school (a school run by Benedictine monks, incidentally). The school has seventeen rugby pitches, and he’s the new rugby coach. On the day we arrived, he had to go over there for some paperwork and safety training and we tagged along. The grounds are gorgeous.

Ampleforth College

I always want to caption these kind of photos with “the giraffe, the pelly and me”. I guess I read too much Roald Dahl as a kid.

The next day, we first went by the university and Elske’s department. She’s doing her masters in biology and working in a greenhouse. Hence the green lab coat and all the plants.

in the greenhouse

The British are apparently very health and safety conscious, hence this very specific sign.


Then we went into York itself and of course had a high tea-esque experience.

Finally, we ended the day with fish and chips. Mmm, fish and chips.

Sunday, Elske and I first went to the gym. Now, I’m no stranger to the gym, but I usually stick to the stairmaster and the elliptical machine. I certainly don’t go anywhere near the bench press or any of the other weights. But Elske does, so I went along. My muscles are still sore, three days later. But I did bench press 25 kgs (55 pounds!) so I have that accomplishment to soothe the pain. Kind of.

After the gym, we met my mom in the city, walked along the waterfront, got wet in the pouring rain and visited the Choral Evensong at the York Minister (the cathedral). Oh, and ate sticky toffee pudding and bread and butter pudding.

the Minister, after it stopped raining

Dino approves of the marshmallows that came with the chocolate milk.

mmm, pudding

Well, there you have it. York 2012 in 7 pictures. It was short and sweet (not to mention delicious) and I enjoyed every minute of it. Well, except the 6:30 AM flight. But you can’t win them all.


4 thoughts on “York

  1. Jo(ke) says:

    Looks like a lovely trip. Gary lived in London for 8 years and always tells me about the health and safety regulations in the UK. Crazy. Where did your sister study in South Africa? I see brains run in the family! 🙂

    • Saskia says:

      I think somewhere near Swaziland, but I’m not entirely sure. It was kind of unpronounceable 🙂 she studied grass there, something about the behavior of rhinos and the effects upon grass. And now it’s earthworms. She’s also done mussels and birds, though, quite the variety!

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