quick update

So I’ve been in the US since Thursday afternoon, when I landed in Houston to visit one of my oldest friends. As soon as I’ve figured out where to buy a cable for my camera (apparently, although I packed about five million cables, I forgot the camera one) I’ll post some pictures. But I’ll leave you with this one as a hint, can you figure out where we went?

I think it’s the closet to space that I’ll ever come.

Saturday afternoon, I flew to Salt Lake City. I had a layover at the Las Vegas airport, and all I can say is that it makes it more fun to fly when you land in sight of an Egyptian pyramid and there are slot machines in the airport waiting area.

I took the shuttle to Provo that same night, explored this morning, and will be meeting the other seminar participants tonight. In the meantime, I’m looking at everyone I see and thinking, “Are you Mormon? You look Mormon. Can they tell I’m not Mormon?” (The answer, btw, is yes, when everyone is going to and from church in their high heels and you’re in a skirt, yes, but wearing your sandals and lugging groceries. Perhaps I’ll blend in more tomorrow.)


4 thoughts on “quick update

  1. heidikins says:

    Wait, you’re here?! IN MY TOWN!?!?

    My dear girl, do you by chance have a spare hour to meet? I’d love to meet you! I pinky swear I’m not creepy!


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