two days in

It seems like a long time ago already, but the seminar officially began yesterday. The way this works is that we each have our own project (mine is the way the gold plates function in children’s literature and children’s music) and do extra readings, bibliographic stuff, etc as assigned and discuss these each morning. As far as I can tell, we’re going to be kept pretty busy! Apparently, the whole Mormons like to work hard thing is true.

So BYU is a dry campus, in more ways than one. No alcohol, yes, but also no tea and coffee. I don’t care about the alcohol or the tea, but studying without coffee is a new experience for me. It’s not even the caffeine I miss so much as it is the moment of respite it gives me–while my cup is still full, I am allowed to do absolutely nothing except enjoy just sitting there. (Or do the crossword, or read my book. You get the picture.)

So last night, I made the thirty-minute trek (on foot!) to The Coffee Pod. It was awesome. The coffee was pretty good, the barista was nice, they had a case of used books for sale, and the hipster guys next to me were discussing the possibility of a Marxist revolution in the US and Canada. It was everything I like in a coffee house (except for the white, privileged boys plotting to save the world–I can do without those). I sat there for an hour and a half, just recharging.

I was feeling discouraged before (being new is always hard), but felt totally okay afterwards. It even carried over to this morning. What a little alone time with a latte with do for you! (Although I did dream I spilled coffee grounds all over my room. Since my contract prohibits coffee on the premises, this freaked me out enough to wake me up. So I guess I’m already internalizing the honor code here.)

I bought the book for two dollars and am loving it.

And then, to make today even better, the weather was lovely (a breeze! not too hot!) and I raided the library, coming home with stacks of books. And to top it off, I got my BYU ID.

quite appropriately pictured on top of my library notes.

Isn’t it lovely? It’s my fifth university ID and I’d love to add at least one more to my collection before I’m finished. A girl can dream, right?


5 thoughts on “two days in

  1. heidikins says:

    I’m glad you found a coffee shop in the U.C. (Utah County, home of BYU). It was only a few years ago that there was not a single coffee shop in the entire county, glad to hear the caffeine has made it to P-town. 🙂


    • Saskia says:

      yes, at least, the coffee place I like has a drive through. (And one employee, so whenever a car pulls up, we all wait for him to come back so he can take our orders.)

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