library number 2 this week

So I got me a new library card today–for free. Awesome.

you got to choose your own card–I thought the flying knight would be especially fun.

I think you all know how happy a new library card makes me. Even better is a new library card to an American library, stocked full of all kinds of books I’ve wanted to read for ages but couldn’t find in my Dutch or German library. On the desk next to me, in no particular order, are the three I restricted myself to (mostly because I am here for the seminar and supposed to be thinking deep thoughts about the cultural history of the gold plates, not read for fun all day):

Lizzie Bright and the Buckminister Boy, by Gary D. Schmidt. (Y’all remember how much I loved The Wednesday Wars and Okay for Now, right?)
The Garden Intrigue by Lauren Willig (this is the 9th installment in the Pink Carnation series and I have read all the others, so I snapped this up just for old time’s sake)
The Magician King, by Lev Grossman (I bought and read The Magicians while I was in California in February and loved it, and was disturbed by it. There’s no higher praise for a book than that–it’s powerful stuff.)

I envisage a pool-side afternoon tomorrow with at least one of these. Not bad for a Saturday afternoon a long way from home.


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