on being homesick

Now that the first flush of settling in has passed, of getting my library cards and even my first vicious sunburn, I find myself being a little homesick. That’s kind of a new feeling for me, I have to say. But Skype dates help, as do evenings spent outside reading a book or in a coffee house reading or book or with new friends, not reading a book.

And things are going well. My project is shaping up pretty nicely. My paper is going to be on the gold plates in the Mormon popular imagination and I’m itching to apply all the ideas I’ve gained such far. We’re visiting the Church History Library in Salt Lake City on Monday, which should also be very exciting. July 4th is coming up, as is the camping trip with my dad to Bryce Canyon, as is Pioneer Day. So there’s enough to keep me occupied here. But still, today I can’t help but think, four-and-a-half more weeks before I go home.

Which means it was a good idea to leave the library early today to soak up the gorgeous weather and the fact that there are mountains wherever you turn. After all, if I can’t be home, well, this is a pretty good place to be.

after all, this is my view coming home from the grocery store.


One thought on “on being homesick

  1. heidikins says:

    You know, we have another enormous celebration for July 24th, the SLC-based parade and fireworks rivals anything you’ll ever see for the 4th of July.

    You know, as if fireworks help with homesickness…. :-/


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