week three in provo

Only in Provo:

the male missionary mall was across the street.

On Sunday, I’ve been going to St Mary’s in the morning (a semi-“high church” Episcopal church) and then to a LDS Church in the afternoon. It’s quite the transition, from celebrating the mystery of the Eucharist with bread and wine to a pragmatic passing around of little paper cups of water. Especially when I go to a singles ward, since they’re not held in actual church buildings but in one of the classrooms at BYU. So in that case I go from lit candles and crosses to a science classroom with the periodic table of elements on the wall.

This afternoon, I went to church with my roommate and had the weirdest experience ever. A while ago, I went to the LDS Church in Dortmund for one of their Institute meetings because a BYU orchestra was coming to visit and it sounded like fun. Well, cue the playing of “It’s a Small World” because it turns out that two of the musicians I met there are living across the street now and thus in the same ward. Quite the coincidence. (Here, my name comes in handy. No one can pronounce it and they end up calling me Jessica for at least ten minutes before I finally just spell it for them, but once learned is apparently never forgotten. As soon as they heard a Saskia from the Netherlands was in town, they put two and two together.)

All that church is exhausting though, so I’m going to hurry through my work and then go enjoy the air conditioning before my frugal roommates turn it off. The powers that be cannot be praised enough for air conditioning.


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