Bryce Canyon

Last Thursday, my dad picked me up after the seminar and took me to Bryce Canyon. We stopped for coffee first, of course, and a crossword. (Yay for someone to drink coffee with!) On Friday, we did a big hike.

sweeping views

all the views were sweeping, actually.

This hike was only five or six miles long, but it led you down into the canyon and then up to the rim and then down into the canyon and up to the rim and, well, you get the point. It was beautiful and many parts of it were uninhabitated except for us and the locusts. Oh, and all the Dutch people we encountered. (I try to avoid Dutch people on vacation. When it comes to national parks, I am strictly American.)

I know this looks photoshopped, but I swear we were really there.

these are called hoodoos. I avoided pronouncing it just to avoid any possible awkwardness.

On Saturday, we drove to Cedar City for the Utah Shakespeare Festival. (And another latte for me, the best one I’ve had so far in Utah). We saw The Merry Wives of Windsor and the actors’ energy was just infectious. After that, we went for dinner at Rusty’s Ranch House, for a little bit of that yee-haw cowboy experience. And baby back ribs and a margarita for me. (Apparently I only drink cocktails when I’m out with my dad eating meat, since my last one was in California in February at the Outback Steakhouse. I don’t know what’s up with that. Maybe I only like cocktails when I’m not the one paying for them.)

On Sunday, we did a beautiful hike near Cedar City at Cedar Breaks. It’s a subalpine forest trail, and what makes it so beautiful is that you’ll be walking along a trail leading into a meadowy forest with flowers everywhere and a pond, and then you’ll look to the left and lo and behold, there are the red rocks of the canyon. The trail was made even better by the guidebook, telling you that We Are All a Part of Nature And Nature is Awesome. I had the most fun reading out the descriptions in my most sincere and moralizing voice.

we were warned to stay on the trail, though more for not disturbing nature than any danger of falling down.

Indian paintbrush

lupine, I think

Then we drove back to Provo, going past the Big Rock Candy Mountain. (I actually wasn’t aware of there actually being an actual BRCM, since I only know it from the 1991 Wee Sing Big Rock Candy Mountain movie. Please tell me I’m not the only one.) We ended the night at Sundance, eating a really good dinner.

I had the marinated portobello and summer vegetables, served with quinoa and a fire-roasted red pepper sauce. My dad had the goat cheese ravioli. Both were so good we couldn’t do dessert.

On Monday morning, my dad picked me up at the ungodly hour of 7:30 and we went for a last breakfast and coffee together. And then I trudged back to the library and real life while he continued his trip, driving to Glacier National Park without me. (I know. So sad.)

me and my dad at Bryce Canyon.

It was a wonderful trip. Thanks dad, you’re the best. Let’s do this again next year.




7 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon

    • Saskia says:

      That’s a good description. If I were a more orthodox Christian I’d say God had a good time creating that place. However which way, I’m glad it exists.

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