Pioneer Day

July 24 is Pioneer Day here in Utah, celebrating the first Mormon pioneers entrance into the Salt Lake area. There are parades, people dress up in pioneer clothes, and other such awesomeness. I went to a local park here with a friend from the seminar, and was royally entertained.

Kids were running around in bonnets, older people were square dancing, there was a lot of American Indian-related stuff you could do (somewhat un-politically correct, like “warrior face painting”), the local little Pioneer heritage park thing was open and running, with people in period clothes at the forge or the spinning wheel or giving tours of the tiny cabins. There was even an old-fashioned casket and coffin maker displaying his wares.

The whole had a kind of wild-west feel, very entertaining for the kids. There was a little jail, wanted posters on the trees, and the possibility to become the sheriff’s deputy. You could also do a covered wagon ride. R. and I channeled our inner child and climbed aboard.

the driver promised us cliffs, bumps, and speed. He delivered surprisingly well.

they even supplied you with hats for a more authentic experience.

In the evening, we went to Spanish Fork, wanting to see the rodeo. When we asked for tickets, the guard asked where we were from, saying we must not be local, since tickets for the rodeo had been sold out for a year. So we went to the fair instead before watching the fireworks show. And indeed, we saw a sign at the town hall that tickets for the 2013 rodeo would go on sale the next day at 8AM sharp. Good to know..but the fireworks were pretty. So we had that, at least.

It was (obviously) my first Pioneer Day, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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