back home

On Monday afternoon, I flew back to the Netherlands. I had an uneventful layover in Minneapolis/St Paul, where the airport store features moose.

in case any one wants to know, moose do live in Minnesota. It’s one of the few US states in which they do.

At the gate in Salt Lake City, I ended up checking one of my carry-ons, as there wasn’t enough space on board. (Too bad they had already taken my wrongly-packed maple syrup away from me at security.) And of course when I got to Amsterdam on Tuesday morning, that carry-on had been rerouted on a different plane. But since it contained shoes and dresses, pretty much, and them leaving it behind meaning I didn’t have to lug it home by train but could have them deliver it, I didn’t mind. Too bad it was the lighter carry-on and not the heavy, heavy backpack they lost!

Today was my day off, to integrate back into Dutch society. (It’s sorely needed, as I today kept thinking, wow, these people outside sure look Dutch, apparently not realizing where I was. But maybe that was just the jet lag talking.)

Tomorrow I start my summer job at one of our local hospitals, as a medical secretary. It’s good to know that if I graduate from my PhD program right back into unemployment, I’ll have a viable skill set to fall back on. It’s always good to have a plan B, right?

As a ps., for those of you that want to know what I was actually doing in Utah all those weeks, read this excellent write-up of our symposium. I even get mentioned a couple times.


2 thoughts on “back home

    • Saskia says:

      The first weeks were really hard, but it did get easier after a while. It probably helped that we had to work pretty hard 😉 but I think the time difference was the hardest thing for me. We’re apart during the week but have found some good ways to still stay connected. Time difference actually matters more than distance in that sense, as it’s hard to stay as involved in each other’s lives when your lives are eight hours behind each other!

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