2012 in books, part five

51. 11/22/63 by Stephen King

52. Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites  by Chris Heimdinger
Basically, the plot goes like this : two 13-year-old boys find themselves in Book of Mormon lands, experiencing Book of Mormon adventures with Book of Mormon heroes. It’s not very well-written, but it’s an entertaining read, especially if you’re young and most especially if you’re Mormon. (The latter is kind of a prerequisite.) A friend of mine told me in Provo that after he’d read this book, he half expected to one day find a cave, fall through, and go on an adventure with the Nephites. That would have been awesome.

53. Trace by Patricia Cornwell*

54. The Book of Mormon
I didn’t rate this book on Goodreads. It feels a little funny to rate (or review!) another group’s religious book.

55. All that Remains by Patricia Cornwell*
56. Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell
I have read all of Patricia Cornwell’s books. I love them. I just don’t have anything to say about this one, mostly because it wasn’t as good and then I’d have to rethink my devotion. The Kay Scarpetta novels have been my guilty pleasure for so long that I just can’t do that.

57. The Kindness of Strangers by Katrina Kittle*
A child abuse scandal rocks a small community, and one family finds more room in their home and their heart than they ever knew they had. It’s one of my very favorite books. So sad, but so beautiful. I read it whenever I need to restore some of my faith in humanity. (Which is kind of often.)

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