So, in an attempt to blend into my surroundings now that I’m actually living here in Germany full time, I’ve been trying to do all my interactions with strangers in German. But only when no one I know is around since my accent is atrocious and as soon as I run out of words, I have the tendency to say Dutch things that sound vaguely German but actually aren’t.

There’s this story we tell at home featuring my mom shortly after she and my dad had moved to the States. She was going to the grocery store, looking for tarragon. Which in Dutch is “dragon” (with the emphasis on the last syllable). So when she couldn’t find it, she went to a boy stocking shelves and asked him where she could find the dragon. In a jar, she added, when he looked confused.

All I can say is that I totally understand her and am kind of waiting for something like this to happen to me.


8 thoughts on “Deutsch

  1. Anneke says:

    Mom’s story never grows old does it :). Poor you, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it eventually… en anders cursusje volgen??

  2. Charlot says:

    Funny, I now live more than 50 years near the German border, but still have the same problem. Trying to speak deutsch, every second sentence has a word that suddenly left my brain – can be the easiest word on earth – but still….
    I hope this doesn’t discourage you too much.

    Anyway – it’s running a little bit in the family – In Spain I once asked for “queso de cabron” thinking I was asking for goatcheese (Queso de cabre). I wasn’t, actually I was asking for cheese from a son of a b….

    So you see, i’t’s not thát strange.

  3. heidikins says:

    Bwahahaha! The tarragon/dragon bit is hilarious! Love! I can just imagine it.

    “Excuse me, Sir? Do you know the aisle where I can find dragon? In a jar?”

    Haha! I die.


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