how to have a really good weekend

1. Make it a long weekend: take the GRE on Thursday and decide that you won’t touch anything remotely academic until Monday.
2. Stay with friends you hadn’t seen in a while and spend a lot of time catching up.
3. Bake two cakes, preferably your favorite bittersweet chocolate and pear cake from Smitten Kitchen.
4. Go visit your grandparents to help celebrate their 64th wedding anniversary.
5. Eat cake.
6. Feel okay about the fact you’re not likely to hit 64 years together with someone, unless you get married pretty soon and live pretty long.
7. Walk through downtown on Saturday with your friend and buy black-and-white striped socks and hot pink gloves.
8. Drink lots of coffee.
9. Eat cake.
10. Go out for walks along the river and talk and talk.
11. Eat pizza while finally watching the Intouchables movie.
12. Make good use of the time change by watching three episodes of How I Met Your Mother afterward.
13. Go to church on Sunday and come home to the remnants of the newspaper and a good book.
14. End it all by taking the train back to Dortmund, not missing a single connection and only having to run once.


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