mom in Dortmund

It’s been a little quiet over here, partly because I still don’t have internet at home (long story), but most importantly because my mom came to visit me last week. Moms take precedence over blogs, any day.

One good thing about having my mom come over is that she’s not very good at sitting still and is likely to take over all the little projects around the house that you’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t yet. So now my kitchen is reorganized, the recycling is no longer sitting in a corner but in the bin downstairs where it belongs, my dying plant has been resuscitated and I have a basil plant sitting on my windowsill. My spare blankets are in the storage room, my bags are no longer thrown down willy-nilly in the hall but carefully placed in a big bin, and we spent till midnight on Saturday re-arranging all my artwork till we had the precise vibe we were looking for. It amazes me that my apartment can look so put-together.

In between the various beautification projects going on, we drank a lot of coffee, watched three movies, wandered through both the city center and then Ikea, and managed to find time to discuss all pressing family issues. And of course, we ate. Enchiladas the first night, curry and naan the next, risotto the third, and the last night saw us at a Turkish restaurant near my apartment. It was a lovely weekend and I was sorry to see her go home again. And not only because my apartment has never looked so clean.


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